Are you ready to Awaken?

The Newest Self Paced Course for the Spiritually Curious!

This is the IDEAL course for you if you are new to the world of spirituality, law of attraction, and mindfulness and you’re just not sure where to begin on your journey to deeper understanding.

If your curiosity has been peaked and you want to open your world like WOAH this is the place to start. 

Through this course you will receive straightforward, clear and easy to follow guidance to incorporate new spiritual practices into your life, awaken your own healing abilities using a variety of tools, and discover how to care for your own energy body.

You’ll finish this course up feeling more grounded in your own understanding of the world around and you’ll Awaken to your own unlimited potential. 

All Content is Delivered in Video Format with PDF Handouts for Reference!

Are you Ready!?

The Course Layout

Module 1

Spiritual Practices

Lesson One – What is Spirituality? 

Lesson Two – Clearing & Grounding 

Lesson Three – Get in the Flow 

Lesson Four – Energy Protection

Module 2

Healing Tools

Lesson One – Creating Sacred Space

Lesson Two – Crystals, Crystals, Crystals

Lesson Three – Oracle Decks/Angel Cards

Lesson Four – Your Greatest Spiritual Tool

Module 3

Energy Body

Lesson One – Self Care Rituals

Lesson Two – The Chakra System

Lesson Three – Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Lesson Four – The Healing Cycle, Next Steps

Also Included…

Bonus One – $97 Value

The Emotional Guidance Scale: What it is and how to use it!

Bonus Two – $197 Value

Manifesting with the Moon: Where to start and what to know

about working with the cycles of the Moon!