My Favorite Resources to Support Spiritual & Personal Growth


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And remember, you do not need anything outside of yourself to access your inner wisdom; use these things to support your journey rather than rely on them.


I absolutely love Resin for clearing & healing spaces. My favorite is copal for heart healing and benzoin for powerful grounding, get a basic starter kit and experiment and find how the scents support you. I would also add on a fire safe dish and charcoal discs for burning.

Grounding Mat

The Grounding Mat is a great option when you can’t get outside; but also consider making your own grounding box from the earth, rocks and branches around you home.

Tibetan Singing Bowl

This is a great way to open sacred space, start and close a ceremony or clear the energy in a room. If you’re in a funk, ring this bowl and feel the vibration shift.

Book Recs

These books were some pivotal supports on my journey to understand myself and the world around me. I would definitely recommend the audio version of Eckhart’s book because he narrates it and I feel energy healing in his voice as I listen.

Oracle Card Recs

My very first oracle deck was the Goddess Guidance deck by Doreen Virtue and it was gifted from a friend; now I have over 50 decks in my collection! These are 3 of my favorites, when choosing a deck really trust which images you are drawn to and which energy you would like to call in.

Happy Shopping!

~ Emily

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