Akashic Records 4 Week Certification Course

with Emily Jean Blatt, Spiritual Teacher & Coach

Learn how to access the Akashic Records! A powerful tool for healing, past life exploration, communicating with spirit and so much more.

Throughout the course, we’ll cover different methods for accessing your records and the records of others.

We’ll learn how to heal using the Akashic Records, how to do past life exploration, offer attunements, open the records of objects and businesses and so much more!

EARLY BIRD PRICING Available until December 1st!

– $380 or three payments of $128 –

Reiki Level I and II 4 week Certification Course

with Emily Jean Blatt, Reiki Master Usui Lineage.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for relaxation that also promotes deep healing. A warm and soothing energy that flows in many ways.

Through this course, you’ll learn what Reiki is, how to access it, how to do self-healing and healing on others. We’ll also spend time talking about distance healing and how to offer Reiki online.

This is perfect for personal development or if you’re looking to expand your current business.

EARLY BIRD PRICING Available until December 1st!

– $380 or three payments of $128 –

After December 1st regular pricing will be $400 or three payments of $134.

The course includes two attunements as well which are held 1:1 as well as a Certification for First and Second Degree Reiki.

There will also be a private Facebook group to connect with others in the class, ask questions, and practice your new skills!

📖 Will order and ship a manual from the International Center of Reiki for an additional fee, message if interested! 📖

All classes will be held over zoom video conferencing at 4:30 pm EDT on Thursdays and recorded for replay listening if you’re unable to attend live.